On Grid-Off Grid Inverters/Solar PCU


INVT iMars series string on grid inverters have high conversion efficiency, safe and stable performance. They can meet different application environment requirements such as indoor and outdoor. They are widely used in small and medium-sized photovoltaic power generation systems such as residential buildings, commercial roofs and farms.


Solar Hybrid Inverter is a new generation of inverter for dedicated solar applications using renewable energy for home consumption, especially for solar photovoltaic installations. This system also allows choosing whether electricity from photovoltaic panels should be stored or consumed through an internal intelligent apparatus control unit. Hybrid inverters therefore operate on grid (grid-tie) as well as off-grid, hybrid (both on-grid and off-grid at the same time) and Backup (in case of a black out). Smart inverters are the future of photovoltaic solar panel installations dedicated to energy self-use, or auto-consumption of energy.


iMars BN series single-phase off grid inverter adopts the combination technology of integrating traditional isolated UPS function and solar inverter, to provide the flexible and reliable system solution for residential or industrial uninterrupted power requirements.