Consultancy & Designing Services:

Designing a utility scale power plant demands technical proficiency. Delivering a solution that is within budget and able to meet the schedule is an ideal project scenario. Maximising energy yield and minimising project cost are the most desirable attributes of a project. Numerous factors, such as land terrain, plant layout, technology selection, and system configuration, play a vital role in shaping the solution. Developers place their confidence in multidisciplinary teams that provide end-to-end solutions and 360-degree project life cycle support when building a sustainable power plant.

List of the reports we provide:

  • 1. Inch level survey of all the selected sites
  • 2. Shadow Analysis Report
  • 3. Array Layout for deriving Project capacity
  • 4. PV Syst Report
  • 5. DC Layout
  • 6. DC string Layout
  • 7. AC layout
  • 8. Earthing Layout
  • 9. LA layout
  • 10. Conduit Layout
  • 11. AC Losses Analysis
  • 12. DC Losses Analysis
  • 13. Foundation layout- for Ground & RCC
  • 14. Structure drawing
  • 15. Cleaning layout