Solar ACDB

We are the manufacturer of ACDB box, We serve our products in 28 states of The India. Technically, we are manufacturing Solar ACDB as per our own standard design & customize the design as per customer requirement.

The ACDB (Alternative Current Distribution Box) receives the AC Power from the solar inverter and directs it to AC loads through the Distribution Board. ACDB includes necessary Surge Protection Device (SPD) and MCB/MCCB to Protect the Solar Inverter from any type of damage or Heavy Voltage. Generally Specification of ACDB may change as per load or inverter Capacity. ACDB is also called AC Solar Combiner Box Manufacturer India.

Solar DCDB

DCDB Provide Interconnection between the Solar PV modules and the output leads to the Solar Inverter. And DCDB Protect the Solar System if there is any fault during Failure in DC side. The DCDB is Customized for Different Configuration, based on the number of string of solar PV modules used in System. It also have SPD to save your system from any surge occurred due to fault or any other Phenomenon. DCDB also called AJB (Array solar junction box Manufacturer India).